About Simcity Buildit video game and its features


Simcity is basically the open ended city building PC based or console based video game series which is also known as the simcity buildit for the online users. This game was actually designed and developed by the Will Wright in Orinda, California, USA. Maxis is the publisher of this excellent range of video game throughout the world. It is the first game which has sold worldwide in the entire simcity series. Now days, it has become the best selling and highly demandable computer games on the web platform.

Simcity Buildit game play:

When considering the game play of the simcity new version of game, the players are highly responsible to build your very own bustling and wonderful city where your citizens will boom. Your appropriate city is getting more and also the larger intricate along with the more amounts of citizens. It is the player’s responsibility that to keep your citizens always happy at all the times. It is also the new type of simcity game with the re-imagined features for the difference mobile devices.

If the individuals have Windows or Android mobile platforms, you can probably go to the Google Playstore to download and install this simcity buildit gaming app on your devices. When it comes to the Apple iOS devices, the mobile users should need to visit the Appstore to download the highly compatible gaming app for your device. The following are some of the necessary information about building city in this simcity game.

  • With the unlimited vivid, buildings and also 3D quality graphics in this game, the players of this simcity game include the most realistic city builder on your mobile devices. Everyone should need to place your buildings in the strategically manner in order to keep the taxes flowing and also for the growth of the city. First, you need to pinch, then zoom and also rotate 360 degrees for managing and expanding the city both offline and online.
  • Next to the building of your very own city, the players should also need to bring your city to the regular life. For this purpose, it is your greatest responsibility to create extensive amounts of necessary resources and also buildup the skyline of your own. After all these things, it is highly necessary to trade such resources with your friends and also some other cities.
  • All the players of the simcity game will be highly responsible to complete the boat orders and also ship the cargo from the airport. Next to it, you have to build the neighborhoods by your own in the Tokyo style and also unlock the special ranges of the landmarks like Arc de Triomphe and statue of liberty. Similarly, the players must have to expand along the beach with the Water Park, marina and etc.
  • In order to keep your citizens happy, every player of the simcity buildit game should need to solve the various real life challenges like the fires, traffic and also pollution in this game. At the same time, you have to provide the particular services like police departments and power plants to frequently meet your needs of the citizens and boost the population with the education and parks. All the players of this simcity game should need to keep your traffic moving with the grand street cars and also avenues to complete the funny challenges including in this game for shaping the society. For more strategies about this visit simcitybuildit4me.com

What is new in simcity buildit game?

The players of this simcity buildit game are actually given the blank map to start with and you should need to expand your city within the given budget. The following are the most important and new features you can find in the buildit new series of the simcity game including,

  • All the players of the simcity game can able to grab your tents and also head to the greater outdoors with the recent updates.
  • Similarly, you have to visit the landscape specialization and then building the campsites for getting the most adventurous range of citizens to escape from the city life.

Everyone will surely get a chance of having happy building and you will probably get the regular updates with all new features

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